Why Calibration is Important

To get the best possible color scans from your scanner you need to calibrate it. This involves some extra work and requires you to order an IT8 calibration card (see below).

With proper calibration you can be assured that your scans will have more accurate colors. It also allows for a baseline for all of your images which is very important for consistency which is why calibration is something we strongly encourage you to do if you can. If you’re unable to, we might be able to provide scanner calibrated ICC/ICM files that others have done for your scanner model, but ideally you would want to calibrate your own scanner every 6-12 months due to differences and age of the hardware.

Order an IT8 Card from here. (Note as of 8/24/2020 due to Covid they are not currently shipping these outside of the EU. Please visit the Discord channel if you’re unable to order one and we’ll try to work with you on this.) Make sure you order the RF option. Also take note of the Charge # on the card when you receive it as you’ll need to download the ZIP file that matches up to that from the bottom of this page.

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